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New: My two research papers on Data Quality and Alignment just got accepted at ICLR TinyPapers 2024 (Archival) and DMLR @ ICLR 2024 !

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Currently at Stanford majoring in Computer Science as an undergrad. On campus, I do AI Research at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL). Part-time, I am working as a Software / Machine Learning Engineer at a Stealth Startup doing AI Robot Autonomy.

I have been called an 'Innovations Specialist' - I try to come up with simple, practical solutions and products for complex problems. Previously, I have created and exited a few startups, like Breathify Air Purifiers, selected by Stanford's TomKat Center to intern as a Machine Learning Engineer at Renewell Energy, interned as a Software Engineer at Palmona Pathogenomics, and worked as a Software Developer on campus at Stanford Center For Professional Development (SCPD).

I am constantly looking to further expand my horizons in AI/ML, SWE and Analytics by building cool projects, doing cutting edge AI research and getting industry experience.

And yes, I adore golf. ⛳️

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